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Tablet Reviews 2013

Tablet Reviews 2013 Reviewing the Best Tablets of 2013

The tablet reviews are in for 2013, and we've compiled the top expert reviews of the best tablets in 2013 as well as provided our own research to help determine the best tablets to buy for Christmas 2012.

And unlike many of the blogs out there, Tablet Reviews 2013 is here to provide objective, unbiased reviews of the most popular 2013 models of tablets on the market.

Heading into the Holiday season, here's a look at some of our favorite tablets, which you can read more about on Tablet Reviews 2013 blog

The following rankings take into consideration media reviews, as well as our own product tests, along with reader feedback in terms of popularity and affordability. Here are the tablets to look for in 2013:

  1. iPad, iPad mini -- iPad Tough to Beat, if you have the money
  2. Amazon Kindle Fire tablet -- Kindle Fire No. 2 behind iPad, now only $199
  3. NOOK Tablet -- Another cool tablet for the money, $249 at B&N
  4. HTC Flyer -- HTC drops price to $299 at Best Buy as of Oct. 1
  5. HP TouchPad -- HP TouchPad back to $149 at Best Buy

Honorable mention:

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