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Kindle Fire Reviews vs NOOK

If I had to pick between the Kindle Fire. vs NOOK, I'd have to go with the Kindle Fire. Not only is it $50 cheaper, it just has more bang for the buck in my eyes when it comes to content and usability.

But that's just one man's perspective, and that one man finds himself spending more time using Amazon's services over Barnes & Noble's services -- has the Kindle Fire for $199 and Barnes and Noble has the Nook Tablet for $249.

But don't take my word on the Kindle Fire Review vs NOOK Tablet. Here are what three of my favorite tech writers are saying about the two hottest tablets of the holiday season:

USA Today's Edward Baig says the race is close, but if he had to pick just one "it's Fire by a nose" ...

"I'd give a split decision to Amazon because of a lower price and all its content. But by taking the fight to Apple, and each other, Barnes & Noble and Amazon have produced an ultimate winner, the consumer."

Los Angeles Times tech blogger Nathan Olivarez-Giles also sides with the Fire:

"All the things you can do with the Fire, the cloud-based services that Amazon provides and the massive offering of e-books, music, movies, TV shows and apps that the Seattle online retail giant offers in its first tablet is currently matched only by Apple's iPad, iTunes and App Store."

Tech blogger Wal Mossberg from All Things Digital likes the Fire because of it's content capabilities:

"At $199, and with Amazon's content ecosystem behind it, the Fire is an attractive alternative for many people who might otherwise have bought an iPad or another Android device, especially if their principal interest is content consumption.

The Nook Tablet also is worth considering, though it lacks a music and video ecosystem."